Safety System

Even though construction in our country has been developed and increased in a large amount, accidents at work remain a big problem. Loss of lives and properties cause d by accidents at construction sites is not estimable. According to reports of the Department of Industrial Works (DIW), losses at construction sites are continuously high, and most workers there are at risk. 

Therefore, the issue of safety in workplace and accident prevention should be concerned and adopted seriously, both theoretically and practically, 

to reduce loss of life and property that may happen in the future
Causes of Accidents

Modern tools and machines are mentioned as a factor that increases the risks of accidents at construction sites. They are actually meant to help save human labor work and time. The advance of technology has been developed, in contrast, the issue of safety in workplace is considered as ‘underdeveloped’. Basic safety at construction sites is neglected or not taken seriously by contractors and related people. Workers themselves also lack proper knowledge, understanding, and awareness of safety. Hence, fatal incidents and tragedies are in a loop.

Components of Safety
Construction works have a variety of processes and methods to be completed. Some are certain,
but some keep changing. Therefore, there are three safety factors that help prevent accidents occurring
at any sites: workplace safety, machine safety, and personal safety.

1. Workplace Safety
Construction sites mean any areas where construction is located. It is also included warehouses, tool and machine stores, etc. Therefore, rules and principles should be adopted for worker safety.

2. Machine Safety
Tools and machines used in a construction site are various in purposes and size whether a large machine like a derrick, a crane, and a pile driver, or a small hand tool like a grinder, a drill, and a hammer. The more tools and machines are used, the more accidents caused by them happen. Therefore, workers must be aware of safety in using tools and machines correctly.


3. Personal Safety

Workers are also a contributing factor in any hazards occurring on construction sites. To control and prevent them, workers should follow rules and principles strictly. For example, they must wear personal protective equipment which suits their jobs and duties on site. Alcohol drinks and drugs must not be taken. Workers must not tease or play with each other while working. Those who break any given rules should be punished because their careless actions can cause an unpredictable hazard.

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